Today is a merry day, because Hero's Hour has ended its 1 year hibernation and has claimed the lands of STEAM AND GOG! That's right! Hero's Hour has now hit v 2.0 and has landed on major stores.

You might be wondering what's new, and really, that depends on when you last played. If you haven't played since autumn, there's an absurd amount of stuff you've missed. But the big v 2.0 launch features are the Pillar faction, inspired by ancient China, updated, full translations into Spanish, German, French, Russian, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


The game has a free demo on steam, a paid version at 16€, and a supporter edition DLC. The supporter edition DLC is a small add-on pack to show your support for the game - it has the soundtrack, behind the scenes .pdf, a Hero's Hour v0.1 build, as well as 22 alternate unit sprites by KraftKraken that get unlocked in-game.

The game will continue to be updated on both itch, steam and GOG.


STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1656780/Heros_Hour/


GOG: https://www.gog.com/en/game/heros_hour


We have a huge hype-train rolling and the next big target is to hit trending - and a big part of this is to quickly get enough ratings. The quicker we get 50 ratings on steam, the better the reach of the game. So please, if you've played and enjoyed Hero's Hour, please leave a steam review! It should be mentioned that the steam review counts for "more" if you've bought the game on steam and less if you get it via a key.


If you've already bought the game on itch - you don't have to buy it again on steam! We'll get you a steam key as soon as steam delivers them to us. We'll get up a page on itch where you can redeem keys and do another dev-log to announce it when it's working.


We're already preparing a v2.0.1 build which will come online maybe next week. This will have some missing translations added, as well as fixes to whatever bugs people end up finding. Also full credits for the GoblinZ and Maple teams.

What will happen after that? Right now, there are only strict plans to improve modding (incl. custom maps). The team will regroup and replenish, then you'll hear more.

Thank you all for the adventure the last year has been - and remember - nothing ever ends.


Hero's Hour - v 1.9.4 (free demo) 109 MB
Feb 19, 2022
Hero's Hour - v1.9.4 109 MB
Feb 19, 2022

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Thanks for sharing amazing information keep posting.  Thank you for such an amazing discussion. Tjana.nu

I'll definitely buy this one here on itch! Steam keys are icing on the cake!


Any update on the Steam keys?

Steam key?

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Where can I find my Steam key if I bought a copy through itch?

Can you add mod option for the 3 faction  bonuses that every faction has on lexicon  like infernal gate throne of dead and so on the sample mod faction doesn't have any. or the ability to choose what buildings  your faction has another cool mod option would be making spells 

I am waiting impatiently for the Steam key! :)

How do I get my account transferred to Steam?

Congratulations! I hope the other stores launch was a big success!

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seems some translation(or icon itself) reversed.

in battle, as siedge attacker's 'go over wall' and as fortress defender's 'open the gate' are changed somehow.

and also those looks buggy working, in 2.0 version, defender can only open gate once and ever can't close the gate. is this a intended behavior?

attacker always can revert 'go over wall' order as they want so.. feels defender's gate feels bug to me.

and few players loss to found 'how to change language'

only change language button on main menu wouldn't enough for some peoples.

what about add language change in option menu, config file, or auto trigger(once in first run) from steam/gog's languages?

Huge achievement. Everyone who contributed to this great game, thank you for your hard work. I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Looking forward to more.

Great to see this game get on steam! 

Congratulations on the Steam release!


Damn! Was going to pull the trigger on this game today. For $10.00. Had no idea today would be the day it jumped way up in price to almost twice the previous price. Now I can never get it. 


I bought it a few days ago, just in time!


Good for you.

i imagine there will be many sales in the future.


 Your loss. Being cheap doesn't pay

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It's just that I can't bring myself to pay for something that was half just 24 hours ago. And not a loss because I got a couple hundred games on Steam that I have yet to play. So actually it is good because it keeps me from buying yet another game I may never get around to playing. I splurge.  That's the opposite of cheap which is worse.

Not playing this is your loss 100% of the time, not the other way around.  


No loss. I got my fill with the demo. I usually don't play games past the first few levels anyway.  BTY. How old are you? Are you a native English speaker? I ask because your statement doesn't make much sense.

then go play your demo, sad native speaker.... 

Yes, very native and very proficient.  My statement does make sense.  If you are not native and have a question I can explain further.  And for the record its quite obviously you that is not native to the language.   As for age it is completely irrelevant nor was there anything immature or "old sounding" about my post so I guess its some sort of insult or something.  I find people that use age, language proficiency, and or spelling/grammar  as some vector of attack are almost always the people insecure about their own.  

As for my statement you said :

"And not a loss because I got a couple hundred games on Steam that I have yet to play."

FYI that isn't a complete sentence in English.  I sometimes tutor people for TOEFL exams so if you need an explanation, ask.  Anyways in response to that I said "Not playing this is your loss 100% of the time"  as in you not playing this is always your loss.   You lose not playing.

"So actually it is good because it keeps me from buying yet another game I may never get around to playing."

Another bad sentence.  In this sentence all the bold words reference the same thing, this game.  The issue here is IT (Hero's Hour) keeps you from buying yet another game (Also hero's hour) While most people would understand you, as I did, if you were in a testing environment for proficiency it would incorrect.  

I end my statement saying, "not the other way around"  which is a way to refer to the opposite of what i just said, which in this refers to your proclamation this isn't a loss for you.  

here is another example:
"Although it may seem as though an old dress from the 1960s should be considerably less expensive than a brand new modern dress, it’s actually the other way around."