Hero's Hour v02

Hero's Hour version 02 arrives with new features, mechanics and a whole lot of fixes.

  • 17 new Creature dwellings adventure objects
    • protected by preset armies of three units
    • once captured, gives a reward and spawns units each week
  • Lizardmen and Elemental enemies
    • Summoned creatures now showcase a flickering effect
    • Fortress faction to come later!
  • Regiments - heroless armies
  • Improved battlefield which pulls in objects from the adventure map
  • In-game "pause" menu
  • Army overview which adapts to have room for more creatures when needed
  • AI fixes
  • Other bug fixes, stability improvements and improved AI and save/load speeds

Hope you'll enjoy the additions and give me some useful feedback

My current todo-list goes something like as follows, in no particular order:

  • Screen resolution fixes (ADDED IN v022)
  • Simple sound effects
  • Blacksmith, ballista and first-aid tent
  • Obelisks and treasure hunting
  • More and better artifacts
  • Finalize fortress faction
  • Improvements to spellcasting in battle - pausing the game while casting and showing off spell cooldowns
  • New map generation, allowing for smaller and larger maps, 2-6 players, etc.

For bug reports, email me at bhauerm@gmail.com or leave a message here or on twitter. Please include a short description of what occured just before the crash.

UPDATE: Version 021

  • Graphical update to the hero screen
    • Including tooltips for the six main stats
  • Time before a tooltip comes up has been reduced and is made adaptive
  • Small improvements to the town management screen
  • Fixing a couple of crash bugs
    • Worst of all one that would crash the game whenever you visited a redwood observatory

UPDATE: Version 022 + Version 023

  • Fixes to graphics when playing at different resolutions
  • Actually being able to click buttons while playing at a different resolution


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Feb 11, 2021

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I like how it looks but the fonts are really microscopic. It is hard to see anything on the city screen. Also do you plan to give more control in combat?


Hm, I'll see if I can improve readability on the town screen somehow. Perhaps using my tooltips, I can move some details over...

Control in combat! Good question! I don't believe I should, really - safe for making it easier to cast spells, which give some sort of control. Unless you convince me otherwise ;)

do you have an email for receiving bug reports? 

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you can email me at bhauerm@gmail.com, write here or on twitter.