Hero's Hour v03 (now v032)

Just a week after release of v01, here comes v03 - bringing lots of cool new features and tweaks.


  • Updated town sprites, which evolve as your town grows
    • Each evolution grants town perks, granting unique benefits to change up your playstyle
    • Added 21 town perks
  • Blacksmith town building
    • Ballista, which fires splashy projectiles
    • First aid tent, which resurrects some of your fallen creatures
  • Two new hero skills:
    • Engineering, improving ballista and first aid tent
    • Plunder, which gives gold for defeating armies
  • 7 unique new adventure objects
    • Chapel: Visiting the Chapel allows the hero to repair it to gain a permanent morale bonus 
    •  Arcane Cloister: Visiting the Arcane Cloister allows the hero to construct Golems using gold and mana 
    •  Arena: Visiting the Arena allows the hero to fight against a worthy opponent for experience 
    •  Crucible: Visiting the Crucible allows the hero to summon demons using sulphur and mana 
    •  Hunter's Outpost: Visiting the Hunter's Outpost allows the hero to recruit a mercenary army 
    •  Brilliant Orb: Visiting the Brilliant Orb allows the hero to meditate, turning mana into a permanent bonus to spellpower and/or knowledge 
    •  Fort: Visiting the Fort allows the hero to sell part of their army 
    •  Mercenary Camp: Visiting the Mercenary Camp gives the hero a permanent bonus to attack or defense
    • more to come!
  • Tooltips for all buildings
  • Pausing the battle while casting spells
  • Improved spell cooldown visuals
  • Fortress has been fully implemented, but is still unplayable
    • Unless you pay more than 1 cents and message me to ask me how to play ;)


  • Fixes to map generation
  • AI improvement
  • Every single creature has been rebalanced
  • Slightly smaller hero movement range
  • Experience gain from large battles slightly decreased
  • An extra Dwelling, giving you weekly Sprites for defeating a small rampart army
  • Tweaked spell cooldowns
  • Small fixes to playing at different resolutions
  • Every single interface has been graphically improved
  • Battle unit AI has been improved slightly
  • Game no longer forgets you've built a marketplace when reloading

If you manage to find a lingering bug, please do write me here or on twitter so I can get it fixed. If you don't find any bugs, you should still write me, tell me your thoughts and what v04 should bring!


  • Two more unique adventure objects:
    • Visiting the Training Grounds allows the hero to evolve creatures in the army for a cost
    • Visiting the Sigil Stone allows the hero to spend resources to gain a magical skill
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to gain infinite attack at the mercenary camp
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the game at the main menu
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the game when emptying a regiment into a town


  • Updated town screen with higher clarity
  • Better feedback, selecting a building before buying it
  • Building tooltips state what player they are controlled by
  • Claiming a building will show a small message
  • Fixing being able to cast spells when getting attacked
  • Unupgraded dwellings now have different colour in town build grid
  • Fixes to zooming
  • Small upgrade to Enemy Turn GUI
  • Much more xp from combat, and more gold from plundering
  • Less random unit deployment in battles
  • Fixed a potential crash in several adventure objects
  • Fixed being able to drag units out of the infirmary
    • That's not how it's supposed to work
    • Units tick over from the infirmary to normal dwellings over time
  • Rearranged hero UI
    • Spellbook button opening up a biiiig spellbook
    • Showing mana and max mana
    • Showing warmachines
  • New spellbook allowing pageturning, easier to read and spells sorted by power
  • Artifacts show an overworld message when picked up
  • Overworld messages are bigger and stick around for longer
  • Major and Ultimate artifacts are now more rare
  • Fixed all elementals showing the wrong sprite in battle
  • Improved treasure chest UI
  • Temporary fix to a common crash bug related to save loading and strange circumstances


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Feb 14, 2021

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