Sound Update - Hero's Hour v035

This update is rather large - in fact, it has the file size of the game go from 3mb to 120mb. This is because it brings sounds and music to the game! But that's not all! It also brings new artifacts and hero skills.

FEATURES in v035:

  • 2 new hero skills
    • Royalty
    • Combat
  • 70 new artifacts
    • Artifacts that give skills
    • Other new artifact effects
    • 3 artifact sets with unique set bonuses
  • Music
    • 3 castle soundtracks (castle, inferno & necropolis)
      • Other castles "borrow" tracks until music is done for the rest
    • Temporary battle and adventure music
      • Either to be updated or replaced, as time might tell
  • Sound effects
    • Options menu to adjust sound and music volume, automatically saved and loaded


  • Castle screen clearly shows cost of hiring creatures
  • Tooltip that shows creature growth
  • Better road generation
  • Summon Undead has been replaced by Summon Worms as the basic water summoning spell
  • Summoning has been nerfed slightly, especially the minor summoning spells


  • Fixed bug that made it so you could not level hero up past level 19
  • After saving and reloading, diplomacy, demonology and necromancy did not work until next skill up
  • Lost choice over city perks
  • Maps now generate without buildings on top of roads
  • Resurrection giving units to the enemy instead of to yourself
  • Loss numbers after battles with too many units were bugged

The music has been made in tandem by me (not very good at music) and Tundralaks (much better at music). Either I'll take more time to practice music making or I'll try to, over time, replace all music with music made by Tundralaks.

There might be a small patch for v036, but otherwise, I'm going to start on v04 now, which will throw players out onto treasure hunts and bring more control to battles

As always, if you encounter any bugs, write me here, on twitter or at


There was a crash bug that has now been fixed. Instead of v035, you now get to try out the v04 prerelease - lucky you! Save files may not the compatible.

Have fun!


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Feb 19, 2021

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