Reserve Overhaul update - Hero's Hour v.062

This is not a big feature update, but there are still a lot of changes from v061 (and especially from v06!), so I wanted to do a full devlog just for the change notes.

FEATURES in v062:

  • Reserve system overhaul - now combat is paused and you get to choose which reserve to deploy
  • Improved AI where the enemy keeps tracks of threats to their towns
    • Defends town if they cannot take out enemy
    • Attacks enemy if they can
  • Win screen and loss/vanquish screen
  • Game can now be played in windowed mode (1920x1080 fixed size)
    • I remain unable personally to test the game on larger than than 1080p size monitor (since I don’t own one), so I’ll need your help testing and giving feedback
  • Stronghold town music!
    • Rampart also gets Stronghold music until its own is finished
    • All town music is made by the amazing Tundralaks


  • Ranged units now use their animation slightly differently, meaning they will no longer be holding their ammunition in their hands while the ammunition flies through the air
  • Turrets always attack with their ranged attack, even if the enemy is too close
  • Units in waiting unstack much faster and clump up less
  • Fleeing deploys all reinforcements (and can no longer be undone)
  • Your units will no longer let an enemy hero’s units leave
  • Unit groups are now less diverse
  • Reserves deploy much faster - there will always be around 2-3 groups active at all times for both sides
  • Battle orders now force units to move instead of just urging them to. This makes the system much more responsive (though giving bad orders will disrupt the effectiveness of your forces.)
  • You need a larger army before the reserve system sets in
  • Towns now draw as level 1 at the start of game (at default starting development) - though you must still construct one building before accessing next rung of buildings
  • Neutral units now flee slightly later
  • Plundering has been nerfed by 25%
  • Summoned units now slowly lose health over time - both units from summoning magic and from units summoning other units
  • AI is now more willing to fight neutral creatures
  • AI now finds it twice as attractive to steal buildings from the enemy than to take a neutral building
  • Difficulty of creatures in front of rare and gold mines have been increased
  • Difficulty of gatekeepers now has a minimum strength of a tier 4 unit
  • Better battlefield graphics
    • Foundations under obstacles
    • More varied secondary terrain
  • Updated Castle town music theme
  • Improved AI for units defending a siege


  • Turrets now draw correctly at the start of battle
  • Fixed enemy castle not drawing when attacking it
  • Fixed an extra tower during sieges hidden in the upper fog of war
  • Defeating an enemy hero protecting an empty town will now correctly claim the town
  • For some reason, the enemy defending a siege could flee but the one perpetrating the siege could not. This has been fixed.

I'm looking to have a larger quality-of-life update out somewhere during the weekend (version 07). I'm nearing the point where the game is done, feature-wise, which is exciting since I can then focus more on game design. I'm really looking forward to v08, which I am dubbing the "Identity Update". More on that later.

As always, please get in contact with bugs or suggestions. I take the feedback I get pretty seriously.

- Thing On Its Own out!


FEATURES in v063:

  • New adventure music themes: Dew Anthem and Dance of Souls
  • Tavern now showcases what hero is for hire


  • Prison and tavern adventure objects now use your best hero’s level to pick the level of the spawned hero
  • Tavern in town now offers heroes at half the level of your strongest hero minus one
  • Original adventure music theme has been removed and replaced by the two new themes
    • There are currently seven adventure themes, including the removed theme - and seven types of terrain. Perhaps I’ll move over to terrain-specific themes instead of random soon.
  • The planning, healing and royalty hero skills now no longer apply while the hero is dead
  • Planning hero skill has had its effectiveness reduced from 20% to 15% per rank
  • Medical School town perk now correctly exchanges hands when town is captured
  • There is now an upper cap on effectiveness of infirmaries: No more than 80% of units may be saved (would require 2x Expert Healing, or 3x Medical School)


  • Crash bug related to losing a heroless army considered a threat by the AI
  • Crash bug related to mousing over an enemy hero with a broken skill
  • Resource cost not rounded correctly when having Planning hero skill


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Mar 09, 2021

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