Game Blowing Up and Discord!

Hiya folks!

First, Hero's Hour now has a  discord server if you want to hang out with other people who enjoy strategy RPGs. I'm also pretty active over there, so any feedback about the game can be received and dealt with quickly.

The game's been getting some crazy coverage the last couple of days. If you want to watch people play the game, now's the time to swing over by youtube. I'll link the biggest English, Spanish, Russian and Japanese videos about the game out at this moment.

Thanks to all those amazing people for covering little old me. Since I've become a bit too much just a ThingOnMyOwn, I'm bringing on a couple of people from the community to help. If you're interested, hit me up!

Thanks for following along so far! I'm steadily working on polish and bug fixes. This whole "game blowing up" business has been a bit of a distraction, but I'm looking forward to getting into stuff again.

I hope to see you in the discord!

- ThingOnItsOwn

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Discord Link Expired bro

Deleted 1 year ago

Yeah I second this ^^^


Heh, a Russian YouTuber strongly suggests spending money on any game from the original series, rather than on Hero's Hour. What to do if I already have all of them  🤷.


Hero's Hour might not be as beautiful as some of the original games, but I can guarantee none of the original HoMM games had this level of balance and mechanical depth. Super adictive and worth it!

I literally don't get why you downvoted my comment or wherever you don't like it. Are you a bot?

> Hero's Hour might not be as beautiful as some of the original games
Do I say something about the beauty of the game?

Everyone who loves TBS already has HoMM3 anyway. So we definitely need a new experience. HH is the one. I don't like YouTuber's video because he didn't what to give the game a chance. Not to mention it was not completed at the moment. This is what my comment was about. Fix your head.