Bridge-Building Update - Hero's Hour v0841

Another smaller update coming here! It's been a tumultuous week, but nonetheless, in all, some good process has been made.  A lot of bug fixes. Some polish to the main screen and to the town overview. Difficulty settings. And some really big changes to the progression of the game. AAAAND a 80% complete Spanish translation.

In total, that must count for something.

It took me a long time to think up a name for all the stuff that's in this update. This update is meant to build bridges. Between new players and more experienced ones. Between the early and late game. Between nationalities. And between people seperated by computer screens.

FEATURES in v083-v0841:

  • Improved town build screen
  • Midgame balancing
  • Updated main menu
  • Difficulty settings
  • Spanish translation (Work in Progress)

Midgame balancing was necessary to deal with a period of time around end of week 2 to start of week 4 where very little happened. To deal with this, several changes were made:

  • New town income progression
    • Income now goes from 1000 => 1500 => 2500 => 3500 instead of 500 => 1000 => 2000 => 4000
    • Income buildings are renamed and cheaper
  • Mid tier units are cheaper and slightly weaker
  • High tier units are slightly weaker
    • By extension, low tier units are, in relativity, stronger
  • Unit stacks around the map no longer have laddered strengths
    • This means that before they were strength 1-2-2-2-3-3-3-3-3, for instance, and now you can have decimal strengths, like 1.2 and 2.6
    • In this way, there's always something to do

POLISH/CHANGES in v083-v0841:

  • Units flee battles faster
  • Clearer visualization of town level mechanic (which locks advanced buildings from being built)
  • Necromancy and demonology no longer refer to Castle and Rampart, but instead Order and Wild
  • Options menu is no longer lopsided
  • Gold mines in secondary areas have easier guards
  • Regeneration hero skill has been changed to now give +25% knowledge based regeneration, but also a flat mana regeneration
  • Mana is no longer fully restored by spending a night in town
  • Necromancy and Diplomacy will now reduce the number of units offered until you can afford them
  • Charging units may now use charge in melee combat, meaning they use their charge more often and are stronger and cooler
  • Obelisks now always generate at least once, with a small chance of additional obelisks
  • Summoned units are now invulnerable for less time when summoned
  • Summoned units deal slightly less damage and have a lot less health - they have a harder time standing on their own
  • Hero names and portraits no longer duplicate
  • Game now has a faster intro sequence when it isn’t your first time playing
  • More changes for text to be more readable
  • Arcane with their stone-costing gargoyles and golems now get fewer but stronger gargoyles and golems, so that stone cost is effectively reduced

BUGS FIXED IN v083-v0841:

  • Units showing visual upgrades (though not actually upgraded) reverted to their old sprites in death
  • Crucible became inaccessible after visiting with one hero
  • Fixed building tooltip saying “can be built” when building could not be built
  • Bug that made it so that units petrified by basilisks do not die as long as they are petrified
  • Fixed bug that disallowed casting spells on lower half of screen in big resolutions
  • Trading post graphics were messed up after updating marketplace graphics
  • Enclave heroes are no longer miscoloured in battle
  • Fixed a bug that made dead units grey out incorrectly in battle results mode
  • (hopefully) fixed a bug that made the games sometimes crash in battle results
  • Fixed a bug that made mobs defending gold mines twice as strong as they should be
  • Fixed a bug thinking that Clay Tower was called Clay Arcane Town, which also made the game crash
  • Fixed high levels of demonology giving negative amount of units
  • Fixed high levels of diplomacy, demonology and necromancy drawing their symbols wrong
  • Fixed sounds playing with strange panning
  • And probably some other things I forgot to write down

Throughout the week, I have been building a discord, and with some help, it's become a nice little community. It still has room for more! You can now find the link in the main menu of the game, but it also is here:

For now, I'll be doing development updates both there and on twitter. Come hang out, meet some cool people, learn some strategies (there's sooo many ways to play this game), and perhaps find some early build of new features.

More and more people are covering the game on youtube, and I find it really fun to see the different way players of different skills approach the game. I want to be the impossible as so many before me and cater to all camps. Let's see how that goes.

- ThingNoLongerOnItsOwn out!!! ;Di


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Mar 27, 2021
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Mar 27, 2021

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 Where can we get the most recent version of the game? Also, if we download the game, is there a way to get it automatically updated? How do we update the game for development updates?

I love the game, if you need a Spanish translation later, I will do it for you in exchange for a signed copy of the game: 3 Luck, and lots of encouragement!

thanks for your offer, but the community has already been so cool as to have 1000+ lines of text translated. Now all that needs to be done is get the last 20% into the game.

Thanks for your offer and for the interest in my silly little game that's soon to be 100% Spanish. I can't wait to practice my language skills in my own game :)

Hope to see you on the Hero's Hour discord - if that's a thing you use.

Is it possible there would be a 'map editor' feature to the game? Your details are so cute I would love that as an option.

one day! Around v1.1 with its campaign mode maybe